Access Swim Meet Info

SplashLane is an easy to use, web-based interface that is accessible from all mobile web devices. It allows anyone interested in a particular swim meet to quickly and remotely access:
  • The web version of the meet program
  • Real-time updates of the event and heat currently in the water
  • Search athlete entries to view the event, heat, and lane assignment
  • Search team entries
  • Real-time updates and results from the timing console or Meet ManagerTM

    Screenshots of mobile application

  • Convenient for Athletes/Coaches/Parents
  • Search by athlete or team name to see Event/Heat/Lane assigned to the athlete.  No need to spend time, searching through a meet program printed on paper, looking for this information.
  • Green alternative to paper meet programs
  • Fundraiser for the hosting team, No cost to the team
  • Real-time race results
  • Helps parents/athletes stay up-to-date with the meet progress -- fewer missed races
  • Works with any internet enabled device(all smartphones, computers, tablets)
  • Automatically updates directly from some timing systems