How It Works
For Teams: For Parents/Athletes/Coaches:
  • The team hosting the meet contacts us to obtain a free account.
  • The host team uploads an Events file from Hy-tek Meet ManagerTM
  • The team sets a price($3 to $10) for user access to the online meet data.  A small portion of the fee each user pays to access the site goes to SplashLane and an affiliate.  The team receives the rest.
  • The team installs a program on the laptop with Meet ManagerTM for use during the meet.  This program uploads current event/heat info and results during the meet to SplashLane using an Internet connection.  The results will be sent from either the timing console or Meet ManagerTM.
  • The user goes to SplashLane from any Internet enabled device and selects the meet they wish to access online.
  • The user will be prompted to enter credit card information to pay for access on their smartphone/computer.
  • The user then receives full access to view the online meet program, search for events by athlete or team, view the current race, view real-time results, etc.